The city of Lezha – Center of the Commune and Prefecture with the same name is found in the north-west Albania, a few km away from the Adriatic sea.The city is founded in 385 before the new era.So,this year Lezha has 2500 years of its foundation,a very important eveniment for which we have special programmes .During all the periods Lezha has had a special role in iliro-albanian history.
Its geographical position made it an important trading and political- military center since the ancient times.Lezha,throught the Shengjini port had had plenty of economic and cultural exchanges with the exterior world,addicting this way in its general development.

This is the reason that in this city,during due moments of our history, were made political-cultural activities of high nacional level,as : “Lidhja e Lezhes“ in 1444, “Kuvendi I Arberit“ in 1703 etc.
It is documented that this city almost since the VIII century beforre the new era, it is continously populated from iliro-arbereshe-albanian population.Its name Lisso and Lissus as studies say is a linguistical tint of the old iliryan name Lisi.So,the city of Lezha,even before being transformed into a helen colony from Dionis of Sirakuza in 385 before the new era,has been a iliryan settlement.
In Lissus economical life since the ancient times, the fact that it has been an incoming station of the Shengjin-Kosovo way, which passed in Zadrima to Kukes, has addicted a lot.After the roman invadation Lissusi is mentioned as a “Municip” , having countinuously military and administrative importance as a seal-base in the northern Adriatic.
The city’s name is mentioned from the greek and latin historians before the new era, is mentioned in the venecian kronics when prominenced the San Mark Republic, taking a great importance in the XV century when our national hero,Gjergj Kastrioti, “Skenderbeu“ , gathered here the first Albanian Prince Assembly and settled the first state on princedom base.During its glorious time,Lezha has served as a „Diplomatic Capital“ of Arberia.Our national hero died in the 1468 and here is his tomb.The memorial,built to remember this well-known national figure, nowatime swinged in a pilgrimage center,visited from thousands of tourists every year, home-brew and foregniers.
Lezha nowdays has more than 25 thousand habitants with a growing tendence.Lezha shines for its historical and archeological values and for the promising turistic prespective. Specially a great importance has the Medieval Castle of the city built with a special style and with an interesting position, the archeological excavations inside and outside the castle,so also in the ilyrian walls speak about the values that would be added to Lezha, to the national history and culture.The Franciscan Assembly, founded from San Francesc of Asizi in 1220 presents a knowledge interest and has historical-cultural and educative values.
Lezha has even other values.The river that walks through the city,which joins the city with the Adriatic sea in 3 km.Exactly near the archeogical zone, in the city center, years ago there was the Fluvial Port,serving for the goods transport in different places beyond the sea.We think that th e rebuildof this port will add turistic and economic values to our city.
Lezha is the quity place.Here it is worked and constructed.There are more than 600 different businesses in the city.There is merchenant activity,but what it is noticed is the gallop constructing.It is the place of social and religious harmony.The foregnier companies practicing their activities in Lezha have been accommodated and hadn’t stopped their activity even in the ’97 turbulences.

Lezha presents a typical historical and national culture zone.The konservatory soul of those habitats has saved in centuries the histroy,the linguage and the values of a civilisation ,important part of all the albanian civilisation.Positive results have been scored even in the sanitary region.There have been reconstructed all the healthy centers as The Civil Hospital, Born House,Policlinic,Pharmacy,etc.The serving level in this intitutions is very good and in countinuing progress, garanting contemporan service as for the home-brew even for the visitor interested in knowing Lezha.

Lezha is known even for other positive occurences.Being infa infuence of the mediterrean clima, with suny days above the country average,the zone is known for the agricultural products, especially for the delicious vegetables, for the patatos and the watermelon, for the fruits and different blegtoral products.
Products as “Kallmet Wine“ ,“Rakia Lezha“,the turkey meat of the native race „Zadrima“ etc., are now known and valued in and out the country.The fact that Lezha,in both sides is sorrounded from the most fecunding fields of the country,
those Bregut te Matit and of Zadrima,
creates new chances for the development of agro-turism still in its firs steps.
The two lagoons of Lezha,
Kune e Vain, with a surface of about 1800 hektare are known and apriciated in
Mediterrean for the rare flora and faun,
stand near the city and by the sea.
Those two lagoons are today very attractive.
There you can go for a walk,to taste the natural beauties,
for sporty fish and poultry haunting.
In Kune and Vain there are found 92 kinds of differend wildfowl,
transmigrators and stacionar.
Lezha as a city zone i a very important transport knot.

This city is percolated from all types of transport: way,
seagoing and railway.
The joining distances with the capital,with the Rinas aereoport,
with the Durresi port have been reduced.
The city of Lezha is also joined with Malin e Zi,
with Kosovo and Macedonia.

Those are premises for development and exangeses with reciprocal interest;
are real chances for the contemporany and future development.
Satisfying development in our city has the education,the culture and sports.
There are found 6 schools in the city,
from which 2 high ones,1 of general education and one professional,
department economy-turism.
There also work 3 kidgardens and a
Children Education Center.

We say and invite you : „ Welcome to Lezha“
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