Saranda, the gateway to the southern Albania,
is a small town located between high mountain and the Ionian Sea.

is a small town located between high mountain and the Ionian Sea.

The name Saranda derives from an early Christian monastery dedicated to Santi Quaranta (Forty Saints).

Located on the shores of Ionian sea, in front of Greek island of Corfu, Saranda is characterized by a Mediterranean climate and warm sea waters.

Saranda, south Albania, beach

Due to its location and warm weather Saranda is one of the most attractive tourist town in Albanian Riviera, where honeymooners traditionally spend their holidays. Located in front of the sea and along the main promenade there are some hotels and restaurants which offer you catering facilities and accommodation. Daily ferryboat link Saranda with the nearby Greek island of Corfu.

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Durresi Hotels

Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Tel. 57922192Cel. 00355 (0)692107288

Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje.
Tel. 0355(0)57922084 Cel. 0355(0)692069901

Rooms: 14
Tel. 0579 22009
Cel 0355 (0) 682185275
Fax. 0579 22010

Rooms: 20
Mali Robit, Golem, Kavaje
Cel. 00355(0)682040333

Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Cel. 00355(0)692069360

Zona turistike Golem (Perroi Agait) ne rrugen nacionale Durres-Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)692095334

Cel. 00355 (0)682037195

Rruga nacionale Durres-Kavaje(tek Perroi Agait),ne zonen turistike Golem
Cel. 00355 (0)682033565

Cel. 00355 (0)682180315

rooms: 7
Golem, Durres
Tel/fax. 0579 22162
Cel. 00355 (0)682132560

Golem,Kavaje (tek Perroi I Agait), 50m nga rruga nacionale Durres-Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)682186479

Golem,Kavaje (tek Perroi I Agait), 100m nga rruga nacionale Durres-Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)682049394

Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)682034615

Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)692148310

Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)682038325

Mali Robit, Golem,Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)682036155

Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Cel. 00355 (0)692064029 00355 (0)692023736
00355 (0)692144430 00355 (0)682150553

Rooms: 30

5 vilas ,45 apartments
Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Tel. 57922115 57922116 57922117

Tel. 00355 57923119 Fax. 00355 57923197
Cel. 00355 (0)682026680 00355 (0)682054769

Perroi i Agait Golem, 100m nga Superstrada Durres - Kavaje, 1km nga Shkembi i Kavajes
Tel 00355 (0)57922142 Fax. 00355 (0)579221443 Cel. 00355 (0)682140070

Rooms: 27
Buze rruges Durres-Kavaje, 1km nga Shkembi Kavajes
Cel. 00355 (0)682254179 00355 (0)682188302 00355 (0)682045779

100 beds
Mali Robit,Golem,Kavaje
Tel. 00355 57922036 00355 57922083
Cel. 00355 (0)692202916

Rooms: 20
Golem, Kavaje
Cel. 00355(0)682507463

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Albanian Artists:

Portrait of Mother Theresa, by Musa Kalaveshi
Copyright: Musa Kalaveshi
Gjirokastra I, by Shpend Bengu
Copyright: Shpend Bengu
Winter in Konigsee, by Lulëzim Sh. Makolli
Copyright: Lulëzim Sh. Makolli
Untitled, by Afrim Spahiu
Copyright: Afrim Spahiu
Victory, by Nexhmie Çerkezi
Copyright: Nexhmie Çerkezi
Gjirokastra V, by Shpend Bengu
Copyright: Shpend Bengu
Memory, by Afrore Blakçori
Copyright: Afrore Blakçori
Blue Bull, by Agim Salihu
Copyright: Agim Salihu
The Creation of Life II, by Basri Mekolli
Copyright: Basri Mekolli
Near the Lake, by Faik Krasniqi
Copyright: Faik Krasniqi
Expectation, by Gani Gashi
Copyright: Gani Gashi
Piece of Ground, by Hamdi Terziqi
Copyright: Hamdi Terziqi
Icaruss, by Mikel Gjokaj
Copyright: Mikel Gjokaj
Landscape, by Shaip Çitaku
Copyright: Shaip Çitaku
Landscape, by Rrustem Bujupi
Copyright: Rrustem Bujupi
Under the Peacock's Feathers, by Hyrije Krypa
Copyright: Hyrije Krypa
Fire-flies, by Hysni Krasniqi
Copyright: Hysni Krasniqi
Harvest of Wheat-fields, by Hysni Krasniqi
Copyright: Hysni Krasniqi
Spring Smell, by Shaip Çitaku
Copyright: Shaip Çitaku
Nga cikli rrënjët, by Musë Prelvukaj
Copyright: Musë Prelvukaj
Att the Market, by Enver Jaka
Copyright: Enver Jaka
Azem Galica and combatants, by Abdurrahim Buza
Copyright: Abdurrahim Buza
In the Shed, by Abdurrahim Buza
Copyright: Abdurrahim Buza
Dancing Albania, by Abdurrahim Buza
Copyright: Abdurrahim Buza
Sofra, by Adem Kastrati
Copyright: Adem Kastrati
Impression, by Adriana Puleshi
Copyright: Adriana Puleshi
Untitled, by Afërdita Kiki
Copyright: Afërdita Kiki
Untitled, by Alban Meka
Copyright: Alban Meka
Musicians, by Arjeta Murtezi
Copyright: Arjeta Murtezi
profondita, by Arta Ngucaj
Copyright: Arta Ngucaj
Traces I, by Bedri Emra
Copyright: Bedri Emra

Albanian Music History

Albanian Music History - an Analysis


Defining the roots of the albanian music...

Most in the western world have mistaken Albanian music as merely Turkish or Greek. Others would argue that the Albanian musical tradition is distingueshed by its originality and provides a solid historical foundation for early European music. Few have acknowledged the fact that Illyricum (today Shqiperia - Albania), was one of the first areas to be influenced by the new Christian liturgy which would have been distributed around the early churches at that time (I -II BC). Also, almost no one is aware that bagpipes have originated from the region of Southern Albania and Northen Greece. The above features have shaped the debate between Albanian and Western musicologists.

We can expand on the fact that early music was used a lot to animate the rituals of different Illyrian tribes. Songs of this time in history would have consisted of a single, simple and repetitive melodic line which would have been accompanied mostly by percussion instruments, backing voices and primitive wind instruments. We do not know if the early harp was widely used in this area before the birth of Christ. The main historical fact that would favour the harp's existence in the Balkans, would be the invasion from the Roman Empire, which would have brought with it, its culture and instruments.

Albania has traditionally been a country which has passed its historical stages under the invasion of other empires and therefore we could assume that its music has a taste of each of these cultures. This continued until the beggining of this century when Albania came out of 500 years of Turkish occupation. Therefore, one can ask the natural question whether such a thing as a truly Albanian music exists or not ! The answer to this question would have to be found only by taking a close look at the character of the Albanian people. People who have always wanted freedom, family life; People who were used to fighting and isolating themselves. The constant invasions have continuously obliged the Albanians to isolate themselves in the high mountains, where they would loose touch with the neighbouring world. Therefore we could argue that because of this isolasion, their music could have been better preserved, probably more than that of some other countries.

So, what has been preserved by these people? Let us take a deeper look at what we find in Albania during this century. Until the second half (1945-1955), the entire musical life of Albania was determined by folk music. This is characterized by archaic forms and practices that can provide information on previous stages of musical development in Europe. Few sources are available for scientific investigation as field research projects have not covered the whole country. Ramadan Sokoli's collection and studies, the material from Eric Stockman's German-Albanian expedition and the activities of the Institute of Folklore of the University of Tirana have contributed considerably to research work.


There is a clear and marked difference, particularly in the vocal folk music, between the northen and southern parts of the country, divided by the Shkumbin River. The Gegs (north) have a tradition of monophonic singing whereas the Tosks (south) have developed many types of part-singing, probably more than any other region in Europe; much of it may belong to the earliest stratum of European vocal poliphony.

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