Miraculous Pogradec in four seasons

Pogradec lies in the south eastern part of Albania, along the shore of Lake Ohrid. It shares a national border with Macedonia, the crossing, being just 5 kilometers from the city center.

It is a modern and pretty town with an ancient history. Archeological excavations on the hill above the town have uncovered a 5th Century B.C. Illyrian settlement belonging to the early Desaret and perhaps Enkelana tribes. During the following centuries the village people descended down to the foot of the hill and established the city of Pogradec, along the shores of Lake Ohrid.

Pogradec is situated 720 meters above sea level and surrounded by beautiful high mountain ranges and Lake Ohrid. The town enjoys a special and pleasant climate. It is truly a lovely place, positioned along the deepest water in the Balkans, Lake Ohrid. Pogradec is one of the most preferred tourist resorts of Albania because of its excellent climate and extraordinary scenery, with ample opportunities for sun-bathing, swimming, fishing, water sports or just relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere. Along the main city boulevards and lakeshore you will find many bars and restaurants, tourist rest homes and new modern hotels.

Worth mentioning is the famous local fish ‘Koran’, found in only one other lake in the world. Koran is celebrated for its delicious meat, which in the winter is red, and during the summer, white. Additional rare species of fish, birds, fauna and other wildlife found in and near this uniquely deep lake make for appealing local gastronomy amidst very picturesque scenery.

Your stay in Pogradec will be incomplete if you fail to visit Tushemisht to see the tourist resort, Drilon, just 4 kilometers away from the town. Drilon’s beauty and natural surroundings will leave you breathless. There, the ancient decorative trees and plants are in full harmony with fresh water springs, strolling paths, characteristic bridges and three bars and restaurants offering typical local and regional cuisine and special dishes. A number of comfortable and modern hotels and motels offer 500 – 600 beds. These include the Lyhnidas tourist complex and the Hotels Shen Naum, Enkelana, Borana, Royal, Tea, Sirena, Desaret, Millenium, Villa Art, etc.

Other nearby attractions worth a visit include the ruins of an Illyrian settlement and a Christian basilica dating from the 5th Century with amazing and colorful mosaics found in the lakeside village of Lin. Another visit should be made to the village of Selca e Poshteme where four ancient tombs and monuments of the 4th Century B.C. are engraved in rock. Selca is thought to be the ancient settlement of Pelion, where lived Illyrian King Klit.

This pearl of Albania, Pogradec is also called the City of Flowers and the City of European Puppet Theater, where Buratino, Pinnochio, Çufo and Xinxifillo entertain the children with great joy. The great writer Kuteli rivals Andersen, another great poet. And the author Poradeci stands side by side with Hayne, Pushkin and others as their equal in artistic individuality. What’s more, the local painters Anastas Kostandini (Taso), Gentian Zeka, Gjergi Lako, Vangjo Vasili call you to admire their pictures.

Pogradec is beautiful and attractive in all seasons: The white winter in our city has a vigorous climate. In spring, the flowers brightly color the entire city. Summer is cool, with fresh air and wonderful sandy beach activities. While autumn is golden and prosperous.

Pogradec changes every day, and soon the center of the city will be transformed by an ambitious project which will better connect the city and the lake.

The healthy climate of Pogradec favors Albanian and foreigners alike, in all fields of business investment and tourism.

Pay a visit to Pogradec! Enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty from the high mountains and deep lake, with a mild and pleasant climate. The generosity and hospitality of Pogradec citizens will leave indelible impressions on you!
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