Gjakova (pronounced: Jah-ko-vah') is situated in western Kosova. It is a town with around 60,000 people, situated on the banks of the river Erenik, in the proximity of the Mal'sia e Gjakov's (Mountainside of Gjakova), the largest part of which is in the territory of Albania.

A view of Gjakova

Gjakova is a Kosova town with a somewhat combined oriental and modern appearance. The old shopping center situated near the old mosque and the Grand Dervish Ritual Hall (Tekia e Madhe) is full of quaint old shops and crafts workshops.

Traditional architecture of Gjakova - old and new

The center of the town has been rebuilt with a new hotel, the Pashtrik Hotel, and several shopping centers and the large "Agimi" department store.

A busy market day at the ,arshia

A feudal house in Gjakova

The trade center
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